Planet Eclipse ETek-5 Review

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Planet Eclipse ETek-5 Review

Are you an enthusiast of Planet Eclipse line of paintball markers? Then, with the release of Planet Eclipse Etek 5, you have a reason to smile. After the long wait, this incredible middle-level electro-pneumatic paintball gun is available on the market. Its excellent construction makes it outstanding from the many prior models by Planet Eclipse and other brands.

The Planet Eclipse ETek-5

From a long distance, you might confuse it with the re-known Ego LV1. However, after using the Etek 5, you will notice a significant gap between them. It’s the exact definition of a pro marker.

Planet Eclipse ETek-5 Review

What Makes The Etek-5 Paintball Gun Exclusive?

Paintball enthusiasts hate loud guns. Looking at the recent past as an example, you will notice that the Empire Axe and the Etek were two competing markers in the mid-level markets. If you were in need of an incredible paintball gun at a pocket-friendly price, the Etek or the Axe would have been ideal options. However, with continuous sales and use by various experts, the Axe began to rise high up above the Etek. The reason was all because of some cited drawbacks in the Etek marker; it was loud and harsh on paintballs.

Fortunately, the Etek 5 is here to blow up the boundaries marked by the Empire Axe. It’s here to bring the Eclipse’s brand name back to life and that notwithstanding, to greater heights on the market. It comes with the power to handle and accommodate fragile paintballs. It is reliable, quiet and most importantly, comes in at an affordable price tag that wins the attention of many.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker

The Etek 5 is Now Gentler on Fragile Paintballs

Prior Etek’s could only work with high-quality, tournament paintballs. This was because of their high bolt acceleration, which would crush weak paintballs. However, the Etek 5 is different. It comes with LV1’s Zick 3 kit. A well-configured bolt acceleration ;with this advancement, the bolt no longer fires at full speed, which was the primary cause of paintball crushing. Instead, it’s set to accelerate gradually, thus much softer and is friendly to the paintballs.

Also, the Cure 5 bolt, fitted in the Etek 5, comes with a soft surface bolt sourced from LV1. This soft condition of the bolt plays a significant role in making the marker gentler on paintballs.

In addition to the bolt and rammer enhancements, the Etek 5 features a larger valve chamber than the prior Eteks. Its valve chamber allows functioning on reduced operation pressure that measures about 150 PSI as compared to that of the Etek’s 4 of about 185 PSI.

It Brings You Calm Gaming

Unlike the prior Eteks that were noisy, the Etek 5 brings you quiet operations that will boost your performance. It also aims at making your paintball gaming more enjoyable. It comes with an increased valve chamber volume. With more air accommodation in its valve, Eclipse has been able to cut down the operational pressure of this marker significantly, thus facilitating quieter shots.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker

The reduced pressure marks a significant improvement in the Eclipse’s line of markers. However, the Etek 5 is still louder as compared to other guns in its price range. You will notice that the Reflex and Axe are a little quieter than the Etek 5.

More Efficiency

The effectiveness and efficiency of the Etek 5 are also worth the praise. Its chamber construction allows it to utilize plenty of air but insignificant pressure when firing a paintball. It’s, therefore, more efficient than its predecessors. With just a 68/4500-air tank, you can make more than 1500 shots. Isn’t that amazing?

Longer Barrel = Better Shooting + Accuracy

Experienced paintball enthusiasts understand the power of long guns in enhancing the shooting accuracy. The Etek 5 is a long gun that provides a stable aiming, shooting, and snapshot. With this marker, gunning and running in the fields comes easily and naturally.


  • Rubberized grips
  • Warranty for any natural defects
  • More efficient than other markers at its price range
  • Less bouncy trigger for smooth operation
  • No stubborn LPR on its front
  • Affordable and reliable


  • Limited color options
  • No gloss
  • Vast and composite frame with a large seam in its middle- Reduces the comfort of the user.

Wrapping It Up

The Etek 5 is a marker that has solved the three principal problems of many Planet Eclipse markers: ergonomic construction, quiet, and ability to work with fragile paintballs. Just like the other markers in the planet eclipse line, the Etek 5 is reliable and affordable.

It has helped Planet Eclipse pave their way to the top of the market. All the adverse issues in Etek 4 have been addressed in the Etek 5. If you are planning to upgrade from the use of a beginner to a professional super gun, then this could be an ideal option. Axe will be finding it difficult to face out this incredible paintball marker. Try it today at any local field and see the difference!