The Best Paintball Guns For Beginners (2017 Edition)

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Best Paintball Guns

Paintball is a great activity to get out and spend some time being active, especially with friends or family. You can play paintball competitively or just for fun. It’s an activity which promotes healthy competition, exercise, and adventure, all while having endless fun. In this article we will take a look at the best paintball guns for beginners.

As you may know, the sport can be played both indoors and outdoors. It requires passion, strategy, physical endurance, and emotional involvement. The thing is, it is like playing a real life game of call of duty. But one major difference: you don’t get the same quality experience sitting in front of a TV.

Our #1 Paintball Gun


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Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite



Spyder MR100 Pro



Tippmann 98



Finding the Best Paintball Gun

In paintball, it is possible to rent all the equipment you need from a course. But if you really want to excel on the field then you should think about buying markers, equipment, and various other accessories. If you are constantly renting you will not get used to a particular set up, which in my opinion is a huge disadvantage.

As a beginner, you’d want a paintball gun that will last several years but fits your budget. Finding one that matches your budget, skill, and interest can be a challenging task to say the least.

When it comes to buying a paintball gun, you must take into account several relevant factors, including the features of a particular paintball gun, as well as your abilities.

Obviously, the purpose of your paintball gun will be to mark your opponent with paint that’s expelled at high speeds. Where things get interesting is the means of loading and firing of a particular gun. Different models have different features, feels and specs so it is important to really understand what you want.

Purchasing Your First Paintball Gun

If you are like me, you’re craving the smell of paint and pain on your opponents’ faces. However, before jumping into battle, you will want to arm yourself. To do that, you need a real paintball marker gun, and preferably one that out performs your competition.

You’ll be shocked by how many guns there are on the market. When I first got into paintball I was really overwhelmed. Below we have put together the top 3 paintball guns for beginner players.

Best Paintball Guns for Beginners: The Guns!

We’ve spent ample time researching and scouring through different models to learn their specific features. We’ve also interviewed many actual players, learning about their experience with various paintball guns available.

In addition to our experience and the experience of other players, we’ve spent days reading through various user reviews and cross matching them with each other. We’ve done all that just to present you with an ultimate guide to choosing the best beginner paintball gun. Our highlights point out the relevant specs that you’d need to know before purchasing any of the models as well as our opinion on the gun.

Best Paintball Guns

Tippmann US Army Alpha-Black Elite Marker Gun


  • Weight: 10.9 Pounds
  • Caliber: .68
  • Style: M-16
  • Loader: 200-Round Basic
  • CO2 Tank: 20 oz.
  • Brand: Tippmann

Tippmann Elite Gun

Most players tend to prioritize the look of their paintball gun. It’s understandable since holding a realistic-looking gun just adds to the fun and thrill, not to mention blending in with the surroundings.

The US Army Alpha-Black Elite is a complete package. Tippmann created this real-looking gun boasts an excellent firing rate. It’d be a great paintball gun if you’re seeking accuracy over anything else. It has received numerous positive reviews for its performance as well.

Compared to many other paintball marker guns, the US Army Alpha-Black Elite provides a lot of considerable value for the money. It’s widely popular for its durability and reliability. Its all-aluminum construction makes it endure several beatings, and it’ll last many games even before showing any signs of wearing down.

An M16 carrying handle will enable you to carry it around easily. This paintball gun is patterned after the M16 assault rifle. It features all characteristics and fixings of the real M16, including the front sights, removable magazine, and a barrel that’s distinguished by its lower rails. You can modify this model to suit your liking, as it’s very customizable with lots of upgrade options.

With this gun, you can fire over a thousand shots using just the standard tank. Or, you can install a new feed system to improve its performance. The only downside with this paintball gun is that you’d probably need some additional accessories to maximize all of its features.

If you’re seeking an affordable gun that will still provide everything you’d need: customizability, durability, and realistic looks, the Tippmann US-Army Alpha Elite would be a perfect option.

Spyder MR100 Pro


  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Loader: 140-Round
  • Style: M-14
  • CO2 Tank: 20 Oz.
  • Brand: Spyder

The Spyder MR100 Pro is a widely and highly recommended gun for beginners. It is featured in a package that you can buy off amazon as well. By purchasing this package you’ll get the Spyder MR100 gun itself, a visor with an anti-fog lens, a 1 Oz. Bottle of Gold-Cup oil, a CO2 tank that’s shipped empty, and a paintball harness. It is lightweight and made up of very durable materials. In turn, that makes its body sturdy enough to endure even high-impact while playing.

This model comes with the innovative Eko-Valve technology, which will enable you to shoot up to 1,600 shots from a single 20 Oz. CO2 tank. You’ll be impressed by its top firing rate and accuracy. Even as the gun ages, you’ll still hit your targets accurately. Also, this gun is really lightweight for a beginner gun. This allows you to enjoy the game while actively running across fields and won’t break your back.

The Spyder MR100 is undeniably a great starter gun that’s affordable and easy to use. Its lightweight nature and accuracy will be a big help to any beginner. We are confident it will live up to your expectations, thanks to its innovative build and quality features.

Tippmann 98 Custom 3Skull Paintball Gun Marker Platinum Basic Series


  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Caliber: .98
  • Loader: 140-Round
  • CO2 Tank: 20 Oz.
  • Brand: A.C. Kerman- Paintball


For a long time now, players have been looking for a paintball gun that’s easily customizable without any hassle. Thankfully, a new innovative model has come out on the market as an answer to that. The Tippmann 98 Custom Marker Gun has hooked many customers for its impressive customization features. Aside from that, players have loved how easy it is to reassemble and service. After a long game cleaning you gun is crucial, and this gun makes that an easy task.

The gun also can come in a package packed with a 200-round hopper, a 20-ounce tank, protective harness, six tubes with 140 heavy-duty rounds and a 21-inch jerk squeegee. You can also buy the gun by itself, but for beginners, taking advantage of the package may be a good idea.

If you’d ask any paintball enthusiast, they’d surely agree that the Tippmann 98 Custom Gun is among the best gun a beginner could use if you’re seeking something that’ll grant you easy access to inner components and quick installation of accessories like grip upgrades and other modifications. Despite being a customizable paintball gun, this efficient tool is perfect for those who’re just getting into paintball.

Wrapping It Up: Excitement in Paintball For All Experience Levels

Paintball is an exciting sport, it’s among the best ways to release any anger you’ve been holding onto. However, it is an activity that also comes with a fair amount of pain. As a beginner, you should determine whether or not you’re well equipped to handle the battlefield even before indulging in the actual game. This game is for those who’re strong enough to endure the little pain. Lots of people have been injured and hospitalized due to getting shot with paint balls. But at the end of the day, it is an awesome sport that I suggest anyone should try at least once. After you try it, if you like it, buy a gun and get in there!

Paintball is a sport, so your skills will improve over time and through practice. You’re guaranteed of a good, enjoyable time by having the best paintball gun, and being with dependable friends. Paintball is an excellent physical activity that’s as rewarding as it is fun. It’s a perfect group activity.